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    The COMPLETE beginners guide to hacking (Sec 15)

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    The COMPLETE beginners guide to hacking (Sec 15)

    Post by Cyber.Dude on Tue 24 Mar 2015, 1:28 pm

    SECTION 15 – Alternatives, tips and tricks

    This section will cover some of the alternatives to proxies and VPN's. These methods are probably a little bit harder to use, but they are just as good (if not better).

    Change your IP
    Most routers have a setting which allows you to clone your MAC address and set it as your IP address. This allows you to hide your location and disguise it as. Use anonymous web searches Some sites offer anonymous web searches. This doesn't offer very good anonymity, but hey, it's better than nothing.

    This amazing little shortcut can clear cookies and data, web history and autofill data incredibly quickly! It's great and takes almost no time to do.

    Put Tor on a USB
    Tor is a network which provides anonymity while on the Internet. Most schools will not allow you to download it and install it. So just download it onto a USB at home and run it when you get to school. Your school won't have a clue what you are doing online!

    Use private browsing
    Most browsers have a private browsing option. This opens up a session which doesn't save cookies, and can't be tracked in an administrator system. Its great because anyone can use it.

    Double Desktop Switcher

    Yup, everyone knows this one, but it does work! Download Double Desktop Switcher onto a USB and bring it to school. You can do whatever you want and when a teacher walks by just press the hotkey to change screens.

    Use your mobile/iPod
    Most schools think they are smart an monitor all the traffic on their computers. The reality is that they are dumb idiots as they don't monitor mobile traffic. I have downloaded torrents and done a whole bunch of stuff on my iPod and my school hadn't had a clue!

    Use public computers
    Don't do hacking stuff from home. Go to an Internet cafe or the library. Bring all your stuff on a USB and run it from that.

    Combine methods
    If you seriously want to stay safe while online, try this: Go to a public place and use a public computer. Sign in with fake information. Connect to a paid VPN. Go online using private browsing. Then set up your browser so it used a paid web proxy. Open up Tor on your USB. Go to a site which offers anonymous web searching.

    With all of that, your Internet will probably be so slow it's unbearable, but you will be anonymous!!!! Oh yeah... did I mention that all of these will slow your internet connection speed? No? Too bad.
    I’m kidding. They will slow down your connection, but not by very much, so the trade-off is worth it.

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